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喜欢有 art 背景的学生,"look for both a strong CS background and a portfolio of your work" "We are looking to see how you are able to combine the two and understand how that might lead to the work you would do here at Dartmouth."

代表性 dp

【22fall】SCUT 89+/100 前 3% 一段实习,三段科研,wl 转 ad 25% 奖

【22fall】双非 4.1/5 强推,有科研和大厂实习,图形学经历丰富,ad 75% 奖


portfolio 重中之重,一定要认真准备

Code Sample 要求:"Something that shows your graphics coding skills, or some code related to visual computing, is ideal, but if you don't have that, good clean, well commented code, not from a class, but from a research or other development project is best."



"The MS in CS with a concentration in Digital Arts (we call it the MSDA) and the regular MS program are both 2 year programs (six terms). Every student in the MSDA do a research project (3 terms of courses and 3 terms of research) that can range from something like what a PhD student might work on (research in graphics, physical computing, rendering, ML, robotics, HCI) or it could look more like an art project that incorporates new technologies (AR/VR, interactive art). All students in the MSDA program take a reading course in their first winter term in which they learn how to read a research paper, do some prior work research, and learn about the areas of study of faculty in field related to the MSDA program. Most of the MS students who work with graphics faculty are in the MSDA program, but it is possible for students in the regular MS program to also do research and work in graphics. In other words, it would be possible to do much the same work in either program, but the MSDA would require you to do research where the MSCS would allow you to either do all courses or courses plus research."


开奖通常分两拨,一次是 1 月 1 开始算的第 8 周通知,一次是极少名额的 wl 转正 (被 wl 的人很少,转正概率较大)

a very competitive program, with a 10-15% acceptance rate